Made in Japan

I am working for the game development company now.
I thought that I did not work for a related company since I thought that entertainment including a game was not what is certainly needed from a world.

Therefore, work in connection with Web or an advertisement has so far been done mainly.
Although the world of a movie or an art was touched at the beginning, I converted.
To the occupation linking directly to support of an economic activity.

However, I was reading one day "MADE IN JAPAN" written by Morita Akio, the Sony founder.
Episode in which a certain movie theater was no vacancy on the day of the end of the war.
Reading it, I noticed.
Just entertainment is needed from the world.

And I think now.
Original culture and craftsmanship of Japan should be put on a vessel called a game, and it should send to the world.
The world surely craves for peculiarity or high context culture. In order to give depth to entertainment, such as a game.

I am proud of work of the coordinator who does offshore of the creative production of a game.
Because it is communicating with the world by craftsmanship of Japan.
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