Disconnection from "advertising" / 「広告」との断絶









I feel the overwhelming disconnection from "advertising".

Their transmission is no longer couldn't reach directly within this body. The transmitted signal is visualized, collapsed in front of myself, and annihilating-dissipated process seems to look real-time. We can grasp the lie clearly. Look.

The appeal of the service and the product of the enterprise shouldn't be colored by the vanity.
The demand became not fabricated, and the user's meticulous needs and the services of the company are unconsciously link to each other's timeline. Others are not recognized. Flowing out of the timeline as a meaningless sign.

Be as it is. Include even a bad point. They will like it. People dislike the person and things they don't know. Don't force the input their brain.

There is a chronic craving that people always want to be amazed by life. "Advertising" as the entertainment that responds to it will remain forever. As long as people are socially oriented and relying on the illusion of the "world".

However, the age when "correctness" is define in "advertisement" is ending. Everyone will be confused. Not everyone can create a "correct answer" in themselves. But, the body which does not accept "correct answer" from the outside was cultivated by the Internet and social connection.

We don't want surprised by the other people. We just want to be surprised by my life. Even serendipity is a thing of our self at last.

Finally, "bellum omnium contra omnes( the war of all against all)"  began with the calm of convincing. Cruel and Peacefully.

© sixaplusoneo